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Clanleaders and coleaders only.

Allows you to edit your clan's profile (viewed with SHOWCLAN P <#>).


clanprofile r - to edit recruitment info
clanprofile p - to edit peak activity hours
clanprofile a - to edit typical activities
clanprofile t - to edit three words to describe clan
clanprofile m - to edit clan mission statement

This command is used to create custom information about a clan that can't be
seen just from the numbers in SHOWCLAN Some information in the profile,
such as the name, town, leader and coleader, membership, and a list of
members with enrollment privileges, is automatically entered.

You can edit the sections listed above. Typing (for example) "clanprofile a"
will enter the regular Medievia editor so you can enter the text.

These messages are regularly reviewed by the player assistance and clan/real
estate gods, and leaders or coleaders who enter bashing, cursing, or
otherwise inappropriate or illegal text will be dealt with harshly.