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This command allows the clan leader and co-leader to control what each member
of the clan is allowed to do. By use of this command, they may specify
whether a particular clan member can:
 enroll    - enroll new clan members
 remove    - remove clan members
 withdraw  - withdraw money from the clan account/make clan payments
 clantown  - can edit clantown (leading clan only)
 towngame  - can request and approve TOWNGAME challenges
 candidate - can declare as a political candidate
 ships     - can create new ships and access SHIPADMIN commands
 fae       - take fae from the clan fae orb
 landscape - can design land around the towns zone

        clanprivs all - shows privileges of all clan members.
        clanprivs 1   - shows "peace" privileges (page 1 of all).
        clanprivs 2   - shows "war" privileges (page 2 of all - obsolete).

        clanprivs <priv> - shows all clan members with the specified privilege.
        clanprivs <priv> <member> - toggles whether the member has the
                        specified privilege.

Note that the privileges of a clan leader or coleader cannot be changed;  they
automatically have all privileges.