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Clan Pages are available on Medweb as an advertising and information outlet
for each clan. This is the time where each clan can tell the world what they
are all about, what they stand for, and what they do. Each clan may attract
potential clannies because of the ability to find out more about the clan
on Medweb.

There is also a live, in-game version of many of the details listed on
clanpages, which can be set by clan leaders and co-leaders using CLANPROFILE
and viewed by using SHOWCLAN

Submission Information:

The following is a template for a clan page on Medweb. An online example
of a clan page is available at
Some suggested content has been added, but feel free to express your
clan with anything else that is relevant. Remember, you are representing
the game and your clan, so keep your content honest and acceptable.

 - Clan Information
     - Leader
     - Co-Leader
     - Typical clan activities (trade runs, running eq zones, cpking)
     - Typical activity times (between 5 and 9PM system time)
     - Three words to describe the clan (fun, energetic, helpful)
     - Longer description of the clan
         *Describe activites, social aspects, misc. information
     - Clan webpage URL (if any)

 - Recruitment Information
     - Entry requirements (level required, activity required, if any)
         * What are you looking for in a clannie?
     - Recruitment contacts

 - Past Leaders
     - Past leader name
     - Time he/she lead the clan

Feel free to add anything else that is relevant to your clan, though we
prefer concise entries. To submit the completed template for publishing
on Medweb, e-mail or mudmail Soleil, at

If you need to update your page, send the relevant category and updated
content, along with your clan name and number to Soleil. reserves the right to edit any entry as deemed necessary.

Points to Remember:

 - You are advertising your clan, so please use proper grammar and
   spelling. The gods will not proof it for you.
 - Make a good impression but be honest about your clan. You can lose
   reputation if you are dishonest on the pages and the new members find
   this out - Not to mention losing the enrollment fee!
 - Be clear about what you say, but be brief. Potential clan members may
   be looking through many of these pages but may not read ones that are
   very long. One good way to keep the size down is not to repeat things
   that you are stating in different fashions.
 - Do not mention other clans on these pages in a derogatory fashion. You
   may mention other clans in ways similar to the following:
   * We constantly form with our sister clan, Sister Clan.
   * We have a close alliance with Alliance Clan and constantly run zones
     with them.
 - Do not use player names. Players can change clans quickly. Stick to
   what the clan is about, not who is in it.
 - Do not bash other clans or use curse words. Submitting information with
   such included may be grounds for a freeze.