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The following example is taken directly from the Medweb sample, which
is located at:

--Clan Information--

Leader: Boris

Coleader: Natasha

Typical Clan Activities: CPKing other people, but only looting their green
                         potions. Trading only on catastrophes. Occasionally
                         found in our clanhall in Medlink.

Typical Activity Times: We're most active between five pm and nine pm system
                        time, though we have a few overseas people who cover
                        us for most of the rest of the day.

Three Words to Describe the Clan: Unusual, fun, obsessed

Longer Description of the Clan: We take the game seriously, but we consider
                        the green potions taken from our foes in CPK to be
                        sacred objects. We don't tend to run zones often,
                        though we can often be found staking out CPK areas.
                        We're fairly easy-going about arranging things, but
                        we know we like those green potions :)

Clan Webpage URL:

--Recruitment Information--

Entry Requirements: A minimum level requirement of double class and a bribe
                    of three green potions.

Recruitment Contact: Any member of the clan.

--Past Leaders--
   Name: Mank
   Dates: 12th Feb 2002 to 13th Feb 2002