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This flag will automatically be added to any new clanitems made by clan
leaders or coleaders. If by some chance you have a clanitem in your
possession that is from your current clan, it will also become

This flag prevents items from being dropped, donated, or auctioned. They
can be mailed or given only to players who are in the clan that the item
belongs to.

You can use the LOCKCLANITEM command to toggle this lock on and off for
one million gold coins. The only other way to get rid of the flag is to
loot a clanitem from a player, at which point it may be transferred

Coming to an 'agreement' with a player to CPK safely where they will just
loot your clan item to get it unlocked while bypassing the one million
gold charge is illegal and done at your own risk. Most often the player
doing this for you is trying to fool you, they will loot all that they

Clanitems without the CLANLOCK flag may be transferred normally.

An active clanitem that's become un-clanlocked that's returned to the
possession of a member of its clan will become *re-clanlocked* and can no
longer be moved around. This is normal, not a bug. Old items with the
"dcl" keyword will not relock.

The purpose of CLANLOCK is to make clan items more valuable and more
special. Many people collect them and many people do not want them to be
able to be moved easily.