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These are the instructions for submitting your clanhall key (see HELP

If you want to change your key, there is a 100 mil charge, payable to
realestate. See HELP HOUSECHANGES for more charges.

In your house or clan submission, include ALL the following information for
your key.

     a. Keywords (what players are able to cast identify on or pick up)
         Example: key red ribbon
         Every noun in the key's short description will be a keyword. The
          word "key" will be a keyword. Keywords like "dragonequ" or other
          obvious "cpk bait" will be removed. If this is a clanhall key,
          your clan number (in the form cl050) will be a keyword. These
          changes will be made regardless of what you submit for keywords.

     b. Short Description (what players see when worn/held or in inventory)
         Example: a key with a red ribbon
         Key names that are overly capitalized for no good reason (like "a
         Key with a Red Ribbon")-will be changed to lowercase.

     c. Long description (what is seen when it is on the ground). This
         MUST be a complete sentence. It must have a subject and a verb.
         Example: A key with a red ribbon lies nearby.
         Wrong: A key with a red ribbon.

     d. If you wish, a look-at description (what you see when you type
         look <item>). This also MUST be complete sentences and
         grammatically correct.
         Example: The red ribbon on the key is frayed and tattered, but it
         is still tied securely. The key itself is made of tarnished
         brass, its luster long since faded with the years.

Note: Selthios creates these keys and put them into the game.
If your keywords, names, and descriptions do not follow the grammar rules,
we will edit them so that they do. Keys will not be put into the game with
incomplete or grammatically incorrect names and descriptions.

House keys and clan keys (like house and clanhall room names) must be at
least SOMEWHAT fitting to a medieval world. If your key name is so modern
(brand names, website addresses, etc.) that it stands out like a sore
thumb when listed on INVENTORY for instance, it won't be approved.

If you create a key for your house, the front door will load locked.