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To submit a clanitem for a new clan, you must meet the following
1. The clan must have existed for at least 180 days.
2. You must be the leader of the clan or his or her authorized agent.
3. Your clan must be active enough to be taken seriously as a clan.

To submit your new clanitem, send the following information via e-mail to Send it in the body of an e-mail, never in
an attached file; attachments will not go through. E-mail is the **only**
accepted method of submitting a clanitem.

If any of the information is left out, or if you do not meet the requirements
above, your clanitem will be rejected. Some items cannot be base items, and
you should have a backup in mind if you have doubts that your proposed base
item will be usable. See below, and read HELP CLANITEM_BASE

Submissions will be accepted only from the leader of the clan. Clan
leaders may designate another player or member to write and design the
clanitem, but the submission of the item to *must*
come from the clan leader. No exceptions will be made.

Remember that it is illegal to create a clan just to make an item, then
disband when you have them. If it's discovered you've done this, all the
items can be purged with no reimbursement. To cut down on abuse, clans must
have an activity score of 75,000 or more to be eligible for a clanitem. Clans
that only marginally meet this threshold may be required to demonstrate
actual activity (and not just AFK alts) for a period of time.

Include the following information, very preferably in this order:

1. Clan number
2. Clan name
3. Your character's name

4. The base item (see note below and read HELP CLANITEM_BASE

5. The KEYWORDS of the clanitem (see definitions below)

6. The SHORT NAME of the clanitem (see definitions below)
   Excessive capitalization will be changed.

7. The LONG DESCRIPTION of the clanitem (see definitions below)
   This must be a complete sentence! If you don't know what that means, ASK

8. The LOOKAT of the clanitem (see definitions below)

9. If there is a proc, the PROC MESSAGES for the clanitem (see PROCS below)

10. If there is a proc, the PROC COLOR for the clanitem (see PROCS below)

ALL your clanitem text must be MEDIEVAL. No electricity, no plastic, no
song lyrics, no plastic, no zippers, no aluminum, no plastic, and no
references to the real world. This is all at the real estate staff's
discretion. If your item is borderline we will change it after discussion
within the real estate staff. If it is worse than borderline, you will get
an e-mail back asking for a new and different item or proc.


The best choices for base items are interesting items that are usable by
almost everyone in your clan. They should be valuable items that are
reasonably challenging to obtain, to make them mean more. Daggers of Fire
are cool, but if your clan has 40 people who aren't evil thieves, they
won't be any use. Portable holes are a good choice, as are other containers,
Helms of the High Forest, Crowns of Proximation, and so on. Don't make a
clanitem of the Bloodstone if your clan is all singles--choose an item your
clannies can reasonably obtain on their own or in forms or with a little
help. Obviously the choice is up to you, the leader, within the rules and
possibilities. Please contact if you want some
help deciding.

More details on what can and cannot be a base item are in HELP CLANITEM_BASE
Please read that file, especially if you are considering suggesting a base
item that has never been used before, or a complex item that is new to the
game or particularly unique.

When you submit your clanitem (not just randomly please), tell us the
secret word that appears in this help file to prove you actually read this
whole file.


Keywords (part 5) - You use keywords to pick up, equip, use, or cast any
                    spells on the clanitem. Keywords appear in [] on the
                    top line of the IDENTIFY screen for every item.
                    Examples of keywords are "hole portable well". Do not
                    add 'funny' keywords. They will not be included. Every
                    noun in the short description will be a keyword. The
                    word "clan" will be a keyword. Keywords like
                    "dragonequ" or other obvious "cpk bait" will be
                    removed. Your clan number (in the form cl050) will be a
                    keyword (changed to "dcl" when the clan disbands or
                    you change items). These changes will be made
                    regardless of what you submit for keywords. No
                    Scrapple-type keywords will be included. We will
                    remove inappropriate keywords.

Short Name (part 6) - The short name is what you see when the clanitem is
                      in inventory. It is the name of the item in
                      sentences like "You drop ____." and "You grab ____."
                      It is lowercase, unless it is a proper noun. Do not
                      capitalize the name of your clanitem for decoration
                      unless it honestly makes sense as a unique item.
                      We will change this if we see fit. Examples of
                      short names are "a portable hole" and "the Dagger
                      of Fire".-Every noun in this name will also be a

Long Description (part 7) - The long description is the complete sentence
                            that shows when the clanitem is on the ground
                            and a player types LOOK It is a *complete*
                            *sentence* with a capital letter at the start,
                            a subject, a verb, and a period at the end. It
                            should be fewer than 80 characters long. An
                            example of a long description is "A-flask
                            containing a shimmering substance has been
                            left here."-At least one noun from this long
                            description will also be a keyword on the item.

Lookat (part 8) - When you type "look ____" or "examine ____" (using a
                  keyword) you see a description of what the clanitem
                  looks like. This description is made up of complete
                  sentences and should be between 2 and 6 sentences long.
                  We will edit it for grammar and spelling. If you
                  want an ascii picture for your lookat, you MUST contact
                  real estate ahead of time to arrange this. Sometimes
                  it's possible, and sometimes it's not.


If your base item has a proc, your clanitem will have the same proc. You
may customize the text that shows when the proc happens. If your base item
is a magical item, like the Gem of Souls or any item of type MAGIC in
IDENTIFY you may customize the spell text that shows when the item is
used or the spell is cast with it.

The magic words and the other default text will STILL SHOW, especially for
people with "BRIEF SPELLS" turned off. Your proc text ADDS to this, not
replaces it. For this reason, procs MUST be shorter than you think.

All clanitems submitted to real estate on or after February 12, 2006, have a
proc length limit of 100 characters and one line, including spaces but not
including the players' names.

Procs for the Gem of Souls may be two lines (that is, up to 200 characters),
but this is highly discouraged. Procs for ALL OTHER ITEMS may NOT exceed the
100-character limit and WILL be edited to fit if they are too long. We will
edit long messages with care; it matters to us, just as it does to you,
that your clanitem proc be cool as hell. We may have to remove details, but
usually we find a way to rephrase the effect with the same level of badass.

Please re-read the section above. Procs must be 100 characters OR LESS.

Please re-read the section above. Procs must be 100 characters OR LESS.

Please re-read the section above. Procs must be 100 characters OR LESS.

If you are unsure whether your choice of a base item has a proc or a spell,
or whether what it does can be customized, you MUST contact realestate@ to discuss it. You must also have read HELP CLANITEM_BASE

Items with the "SMITE GOOD" and "SMITE EVIL" flags do NOT have procs. These
messages cannot be customized. Weapons with the ATTACK flag usually can.
Items of type MAGIC (those that regen spells) usually can.

Again, the magic words and the text that shows when you use a magical item,
like "concentrates and ____ begins to glow" or similar, cannot be removed.
The nature of the spell that is cast or the proc that happens cannot be
changed. If your base item is a fire-diamond ring, it will cast FIRESHIELD
not a customized version of the spell. Only the *text* is changed, not the
proc or the spell itself.


Every proc in the game has at least two messages:

A - What the user or caster sees (the 'character')
B - What the rest of the people in the room see (the 'audience')

For procs and spells that have a target, like resurrect or *some* weapon
attacks, there is a third message:

C - What the target player or castee sees (the 'victim')

Submit all the appropriate messages, A, B, and C. The names of the people
involved, the pronouns him/her/he/she and so on, and the name of the item
itself can be included easily.

Avoiding spam is a key aim of writing these messages. What the character
sees can be a little longer than what the audience and victim see. Procs
MUST be shorter than you think. As stated above, the limit is 100 characters,
including spaces. Gem of Souls items may have 200 characters, but this is
highly discouraged.

You are encouraged to make messages SHORTER in the case of procs that you
know are shown over and over, like the Helm of the High Forest and the
Dagger of Fire. We will edit each proc for length if it's close, or reject
it if it's out of line.

The secret word is "schadenfreude." Please actually follow the help file; to
willfully do otherwise would be to take pleasure in our misfortune.

For the Helm of the High Forest, your message may also include the words
north, south, east, west, up, or down, depending on which direction the
player is farsighting in. This is *optional*; writing a message that
doesn't have to include the direction makes for an easier and quicker proc.

For the obsidian athame from Coliseum, there are two sets of messages, each
with the three perspectives A, B, and C described above, for a total of six
messages. Furthermore, the color of the first message can be customized
based on the wielder's alignment.  Maybe a nice portable hole would be
better. :)

Proc messages may NOT be longer than 100 characters. Ever. This means you.


Choose a color for your proc. The entire message must be the same color,
but what the character, victim, and audience see may be different colors
if you choose. Two-line Gem of Souls procs may have two different colors.
To see the available colors, enter MedLink and go down, north, north, west.