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To make life easier, below are many of the costs clans need to know about.

Anything on this list that isn't done by you, in the game, can be handled
if you e-mail to contact the clan gods. Include
your playername in all e-mails! If it's easier, you may mudmail to
'Realestate'. Your player name will be included automatically. Make
absolutely sure the e-mail address on your character is correct.

These charges are taken directly from the clan's account:

1,000,000,000 - to create a clan and a clanhall
  150,000,000 - to change clan leaders
  400,000,000 - to add an extra room in the clanhall (Maximum 2 additions)
  100,000,000 - to buy one extra exit from the clanhall
  500,000,000 - to join as a sister clan to a clantown
  500,000,000 - to remove a clan from the clantown (unsister)
  500,000,000 - to remove a clantown (if leading clan is *not* disbanding)
   10,000,000 - to build one clantown room
      100,000 - to edit a currently approved clantown room or mob
      200,000 - tax per day per room in a clantown
  600,000,000 - to change your clanitem (max of once a year)

100k * TotalLevel - to enroll a new member. Minimum of 1,000,000.

Any request to sister/unsister/add or change a clan item must come
from the clan leader(s) involved, we cannot accept the request
from a co-leader.

Note that clantowns are required to have 20 rooms, plus 10 rooms for each
sister of the leading clan. Towns that are smaller will be taxed for the
minimum number of rooms and subject to disciplinary action as described in
HELP CLANTOWN Townless clans pay 20 rooms' worth of taxes.

Changing parties (chaos to order or vice-versa) also costs the clan gold,
but the amount varies; to see how much it costs now, type VOTE by itself.
It's in the "Clan leader" section.

These charges are taken from the players themselves:

 50,000,000 - to create a clanitem (See help clanitem)
    500,000 - to post a townnews message (See help clannews)
    250,000 - to post a clannews message (See help clannews)
    250,000 - to send a clansend message (See help clansend)