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The chat channel is designed to be TOPIC SPECIFIC. You may only talk about
the topic stated, any other chat will get you gagged.

    chat <message>   - send a message to the chat channel
    chatlog          - shows recent chat messages
    chatlog [word]   - shows recent chat messages containing word
    chatlog <number> - shows that many recent chat messages
    chat <on|off>    - turns the channel off and on (can also use SETCOMM

The CHAT command can be abbreviated to "." (the period character).

The chat channel is our main global chat channel open to almost all
levels. As with all global channels, there are many restrictions. Basically,
if you have nothing nice to say do not say anything. If you are not nice,
and we mean SQUEAKY CLEAN NICE, you will be gagged forever.

If you wish to use this channel you MUST understand these 5 things:

1 - Do not start arguments.

2 - Do not try to continue arguments.

3 - Do not portray yourself as better than someone else.

4 - Have respect for others, even if you don't like them.

5 - Learn to deal with your anger over things in a nonverbal way.

The consequences are severe: one comment can get you gagged for an entire
year. Vryce is the only one that can remove these, and you have to earn it
by apologizing to him for your behavior, as well as a promise to learn
from your mistake. If you are going to act like a child, you will be
treated as one. Only nice people that are non-argumentative are allowed to
use our global channels.