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An option in the SETCOMM command is "CHANNEL HEADERS" When this is
turned on, it changes the visual appearance of the communciations channels
on Medievia. Many players feel this makes it easier to distinguish between
channels, especially those that look similar. Channel headers are turned
on by default for new players. Type "SETCOMM-10" to toggle this feature
off and back on.

Examples of what you will see:

For the clan channel, instead of:
     You feel Bob say, 'hi!'.
You'll see:
     CLAN You feel Bob say, 'hi!'.

For formation talk, intead of:
     Bob tells the formation, 'hi!'.
You'll see:
     FORM Bob tells everyone, 'hi!'.

The headers are different colors to aid in telling the difference between
the channels, since so many of them are in cyan. You'll also see a yellow
* (asterisk) before the SAY channel. Some channels, like SHOUT are not
affected, while others, like QUEST look completely different.