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Syntax: cast <spell name> [target]
Shortcut: c

To be able to cast a spell, the spell you wish to cast must already be
practiced. Any player that is, or has been, a mage or cleric can practice
and use the spells. To practice a spell, you must first go to your guild.
To find your guild, one way is go to the City of Medievia's recall and
type "enter guild". You can do this from any portal in the City, not just
the one at recall. See the help file PRACTICE for information on how to
practice a spell.

When first learning the spells, each spell costs a particular amount of mana.
This number may be greater than what is shown in the help files. As you
level, the cost of mana for the spell decreases to a certain point. Example:
Shockwave at level 25 costs 50 mana, while at level 29 it costs 23 mana.

Hints and Shortcuts:

- You can abbreviate the spell name by using the shortest, unique spelling
  of the spell. (ex: 'cure s' and 'cure c' for cure serious and cure
  critical or 'c w' for word of recall)
- With the ABBREVIATE command on, you can also shorten the length of your
- You can shorten your name to SELF or ME (ex: c armor me or c a me)
- With some spells you can eliminate the target when currently engaged in
  combat with a mob.

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