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The caravan holosection shop is run by the elves Lae'nia, a warrior, and
El'eia, a mage and blacksmith. They trade El'eia's creations for magical
components and items from all corners of Medievia.

This holosection is a very different type of shop from any other in
Medievia. The items that El'eia will offer to sell or trade for will vary
depending on a number of factors possibly including, but not limited to:

1) Time of day
2) The current day, week, and month
3) Your player's current class and level
4) Various player flags, including LEGEND and HERO

A new command is available for this shop. The syntax is: INQUIRE
<keyword>. When using this command, you will get a message from El'eia
detailing what items she wants in exchange for the requested equipment.

Keep in mind that El'eia is a very picky woman. In many cases, she may
care about the tweak, det condition, and egging condition of the items you
are offering to trade. If your item does not meet her requirements, she
may refuse it.

This is also the first shop to have a limited stock on certain items. Many
of the items for sale will have a limited quantity. When they are sold
out, they will not become available again until El'eia restocks, which
sometimes can take a while. Due to the rarity of some items, she may not
carry the same amount of a particular item each time.

****WARNING/DISCLAIMER****: It is YOUR responsibility to ask the
shopkeeper, using the INQUIRE command, what she wants before attempting
to buy an item. All sales are final, and if you lose an item in a trade
that you did not mean to give away, you will be out of luck. No
reimbursements will be granted for careless or unintentional trades.

See ANNOUNCEMENT 568 for more details on this holosection.