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Of all of the many TOWNGAMES Medievia features, CTF is the most intense.
Two teams, Red and Blue, compete to capture each other's flags. You score
a point by walking into your team's flag room carrying the other team's
flag, when your own team's flag is safely in your flag room too. This
means you can't score if you have their flag and they have yours.

To get the other team's flag, simply type "get flag". Remember that the
flag has size and weight; you'll need room for it in your inventory! To
retrieve your own team's flag, kill the player who has it, then "get
flag".-When you do this, it will return safely to your team's flag room.

You may form up if you want; sometimes this can be good strategy,
sometimes not. When you are killed by another player, you are teleported
to a random room. Other than that, it works just like regular in-game NPK
If you're carrying a flag, you cannot FLEE or use the ETHEREAL spell. You
can get rid of the flag by dying or scoring. You cannot drop it.

Whenever someone scores, the arena is recreated randomly, and all players
are moved to their flag rooms. The flags are reset, all players are
restored, and the game starts over until the next point is scored.

Like other RACE TOWNGAMES CTF is a race to a certain score, decided
randomly by the game. The first team (town) to get to that total score
wins. Each team may have up to 10 players. When the game starts, players
with the TOWNGAME PRIVILEGE enroll other town members. To be enrolled, you
must be in MEDLINK Typing "towngame <playername>" enrolls or removes a
player. You have three minutes after the game starts to get your team
together. After that point, no players can be added or removed.

The LISTEN command and channel will work in the CTF arena, just like in
ADVERSARY or other 3D zones. The arena is a work in progress, and new
designs are on the way.

The map will show in three colors: red, blue, and magenta.
    - Red for red team        FF=FLAG FR=FLAGROOM
    - Blue for blue team      FF=FLAG FR=FLAGROOM
    - Magenta for both teams  FF=FLAG
    - The following are the #player markers:
        <> = 1   player
        () = 2-3 players
        {} = 4-6 players
        [] = 7+  players

If you have BRIEF off, you get the map as you move around. If you have
BRIEF on, you get the normal LOOK You can see the map without moving by
typing MAP or "LOOK AROUND"

Strategy is vital in CTF Have a plan for each map after a score. Think
it over, talk it over, or better yet appoint a team leader. Pay attention
to the map so you can see what the other team is doing. If you're all in
your flag room, then you're safe, so take the time to form your strategy!

Another towngame called KOS or "King of the Spire" is in development.