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The highest ranked clan member with the "ships" privilege on a ship
that that clan owns can appoint someone to be captain of that ship.
The basic requirements to appoint a captain are:
    - You must be in the clan that owns the ship
    - You must have the "ships" clan privilege
    - You must have higher clan rank than anyone else with the privilege
        in your clan that's also on the ship
    - Your clan rank must be at least 1

Ships that are in safe waters must have a captain appointed before the
sails can be raised or the anchor can be weighed.

The following commands deal with appointing and dismissing captains:

SHIPADMIN APPOINT [name] - appoint player to be captain. Leaving the
                           argument blank appoints yourself as captain.
SHIPADMIN DISMISS - dismiss the captain of the ship
SHIPADMIN RESIGN - resign as captain (assuming you're captain, of course!)
SHIPADMIN SECURE - makes it so no one else can become captain
SHIPADMIN UNSECURE - so other can become captain again