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Camping is one of the four ways you can quit from Medievia. The others are
by using the commands GOHOME or GOHALL and the last, RENT See each
individual help file for usage of those commands. The game will not let
you quit out of the game any other way than one of these four.

To camp, first you must be in the wilderness and not within a zone. One
way to tell how you are in the wilderness is by typing LOOK AROUND ('l ar'
for short). This will either tell you the name of the zone you are in or
if you are in the wilderness. Any campfire can be seen using the SURVEY

Once you are in the wilderness where there is no camp fire already made,
type CAMP to start a fire. Starting a new campsite uses 90% of your moves
and 1/2 your hitpoints. You do NOT have to start your own campfire. Any
player can use a campfire that is already there.

If there is already a camp fire in the room and the fire is about to die
out, typing CAMP again will 'throw firewood' onto the fire to build it up.
Doing this will cost you 1/2 of your moves.

To QUIT out at a campsite, type QUIT There must be a campfire in the room
to be able to quit out. You MUST fully log out by typing 'quit'. If you do
not, and just lose link, logging on another character without fully
quitting out is construed as MULTIPLAYING

!!!REMEMBER!!! If you want your mount around when you camp and quit you MUST
be mounted when you quit.