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If you attack another player, you can be attacked in turn for a period of
time. The amount of time is based upon the relative levels of the attacker
and victim. Players who you are able to attack will have BLOOD in front
of their name, indicating that they have bloody hands.

Players who have blood on their hands may only go to MedLink from the City
of Medievia, the City of Trellor, or their own clantown. They may not
enter safe areas, such as certain shops. They may enter clantowns, the
City of Medievia, and the City of Trellor, but the time which they can
be pk'd for will not go down while they are in these areas (This is to
prevent people from going afk in their gohome while it wears off). They
cannot be attacked in the City of Medievia.

People with blood on their hands can be detected by using the BLOOD
command, which works like survey. You can tell how much longer you'll have
blood on your hands using the SCORE command. Additionally, having blood on
your hands is indicated by an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line
when you use the STATS command.

Attacking a player with blood on their hands incurs less blood time than
attacking someone who doesn't have blood on their hands.

If you have no blood, you will get blood if you heal a person with blood
under any of the following conditions:

 - you are in a player killing area
 - the person you are healing is engaged in combat with another player
 - you are anywhere in the wilderness

Note that attacking people in the Arena or in quests will not incur this
penalty, nor will attacking people in your clanhall or its satellite
rooms. You may also attack your own clan legally (unless it's the newbie

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