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Medievia is in BETA version mode. This means that we are in a phase of
development where we understand that the game will not be complete, have
balance issues with classes - gold - etc, and generally should not be
judged 'as is'. We will drop in and out of beta version when heavy changes
come in that can be expected to need many months of balance and tweaking.

Is it true that us saying we are in 'beta' is just an excuse? Yes, sort
of, that is exactly what it is. It is us saying, you can play now but even
we know there may be issues. Read on if you one further insights.

When developing a game as massive and as deep as Medievia there are many
challenges. When doing this with a game that is also open with many
players playing is even more challenging. For the most part we make very
slow gradual changes and plan with great detail how to make changes
without upsetting gameplay. We are now in a phase of the plan where that
will no longer be possible.

This help file exists to simply tell you to accept the fact that you are
playing a game that is currently in BETA mode and to treat the game as a
new game that has yet to open to the public. You are a BETA tester if you
wish to play Medievia right now.

Medievia has been open over 20 years and promise to stay open forever,
past all of our lives. We cannot just close for upgrades. We will stay

We will do our best not to totally ruin the price of gold, class balance,
and the hundreds of features of the game world we all love. We are in BETA
mode because we know from experience that when making this many changes
'our best' will not be good enough when it comes to keeping everything as
balanced as our players have grown accustomed to.

Thanks for your continued support and for your ideas and vision. We all
share the same vision for the future of Medievia, for it to be the best -
most deep - most fun - most immersive multiplayer game world ever made. We
hope all players ride through the changes and continue to play but we
simply ask you not to complain too much or get upset as changes are made.

Why do we know 'our best' will not be good enough? There are simply many
chicken and egg problems when making such massive changes. This means many
features must depend on others, all of which are only partially done and
awaiting another change on another feature. It will be messy, some weeks
more so than others.

Player data will always be retained and remain stable and reliable, but
that is it. One day you may find all deckhands to be new because we had to
purge their data and upgrade it. One day you may find that you cannot buy
any wagons or trade in the wilderness because the feature is temporarily
turned off. The value of gold may swing back and forth and be a real
problem as we add one feature that makes a lot of gold, then another that
causes players to spend vast amounts, and back and forth. We may have to
purge all clan businesses after you spent time setting them up, we may
have to do this many times. Your bloodline may design an awesome abode,
maybe a fort or a castle, just to have it purged and have to remake it.
The pet you have been training for weeks may be suddenly gone as we had to
rethink the plan or change the data. Nothing is guaranteed except that we
ask you to understand that we are in BETA mode.

Please, again, just understand that you are a BETA tester. BETA testers
know not to complain about a game partially complete. You cannot judge a
thing until the thing is ready to be judged, it is just not fair. We will
not allow it on public channels.

Thanks for understanding, for supporting the game, and for reading this
long explanation of BETA mode!