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Belt Championships are held by arrangement for 1 person. This quest pits
you against 12 mobs. You fight them 2 at a time. You are racing the clock.
There are areas in the Quest area in Medlink where you can see the current
best scores (statues) for each class. Do you think you have what it takes
to beat the best time? Know that it is not easy! Lower levels will die
quickly. It is recommended that you are a HIGH level, and a multi.

tell <Quest God> check        - tells you if you have attempted already
                                this month
tell <Quest God> top <class>  - lists the current top 5 scores for <class>
tell <Quest God> time         - shows the current player and their
                                time so far
tell <Quest God> queue        - lists the current queue to participate
                                in the quest
tell <Quest God> score        - shows your score for the current month

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