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Here are some basic commands to get you started. Further help can be
found by reading HELP NEWBIE

NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST UP DOWN  To move in any direction, simply type the
direction. You can abbreviate directions (example: n, e, s, w, u, d).

EXAMINE Examine an object or container (such as a corpse).

GET  Pick up an object (example: get dagger). If the object is in a
corpse or container, type the name of the container after the name of the
object (example: get dagger corpse).

SAC  Sacrifice an object on the ground to remove it from the game
permanently (eg: sac corpse).

KILL  Initiate combat with a creature or MOB (e.g., kill janitor).

LEVEL  When your character gains enough experience points (usually earned
by defeating mobs in battle), he or she will gain a level, and his stats
and abilities will increase. Advanced levels require more than just
experience points to earn.

SAY  Communicate with all other players in the room with you (eg: say
hello world!).

TELL Send a telepathic message to any player in the game. Type tell,
followed by the player's name, followed by your message (eg:  tell vryce I
love Medievia!). Some restrictions apply to whom you can telepath in

FORM A helpful and sometimes necessary way to succeed in Medievia. A
formation consists of two or more players who join together to fight.
-To follow a player or join their formation, type FOLLOW and then the
player's name (eg: follow Dandiana).
-To see how the formation is laid out, simply type FORM

FTELL  Communicate with the players in your formation (eg: ftell Let's
kill that zombie!).

FREP  View the status of the players in your formation.

REST  Rest between battles to recover HITPOINTS and MANA faster.

STAND  You must be standing to move and CAST spells, among many other

QUAFF  Use a potion in your INVENTORY (eg: quaff potion).

RECITE  Use a magical scroll in your inventory (eg: recite scroll).
If the spell requires a target, type the name of the target after the name
of the scroll (eg: recite scroll goblin).

WEAR  Start wearing a piece of equipment in your inventory (eg: wear

HOLD  Equip an item or light in your inventory that is meant to be held
(ex: hold lantern).

SCORE  View your character's statistics and status.

USE  Use an item that you are holding or wearing. Only certain items
have magical effects that allow them to be used.

EAT  Eat a piece of food in your inventory (eg: eat waybread).

DRINK Drink from a liquid container in your inventory, or from a fountain
in the room (eg: drink waterskin). Eating and drinking are necessary for
you to function well and regenerate HITPOINTS and MANA

REMOVE  Remove a piece of equipment that you are wearing (eg: remove

WIELD  Wield a weapon in your inventory (eg: wield axe).

DROP  Drop an item in your inventory to the floor (eg: drop banana).

INVENTORY View the contents of your inventory. As with most commands,
this can be abbreviated (eg: inv or i)

UNLOCK  Unlock a door in the room for which you have a key (eg: unlock
door). If there is more than one door, you may need to specify which to
unlock (ex: unlock door east).

OPEN  Open a door in the room (eg: open gate). If there is more than one
door, you may need to specify which to unlock (eg: open gate east).

REFORM  Rearrange a character in your formation to a new position in the
form (eg: reform john fc). Read HELP REFORM to learn about the various

FLEE  Flee from a battle into an adjacent room.

WIMPY  Wimpy is the number of hitpoints at which you will automatically
flee in a battle. To view your current WIMPY type it alone. To set it,
type WIMPY followed by the desired number (eg: wimpy 50).

GUIDE  Receive directions in a major city to the nearest utility room,
such as a post office, a hotel, a bank, or lockers (eg: guide altar).

PRAC  See the list of spells or skills available to you. To practice a
specific spell/skill in your GUILD type 'practice' followed by the name
of the skill (eg: practice magic missile).

HELP  Learn more about almost any command, concept, or idea in Medievia.
Simply type 'help' followed by the word you are curious about (eg: HELP

LOOK  View your current surroundings, including other players or mobiles
present in a room. You may also look inside things (eg: look in bag).

CONSIDER  See how you 'measure up' to a mobile, to decide if it would be
worth fighting.

EQ  View your currently worn equipment.

EXITS  View the exits available in the current room and where they lead.

PRAY  Contact the gods (Medievia staff currently online) in case of an
emergency, such as a bug in the game or a problem that mortals can't

SETCOM  List the public communication channels available to you. To
toggle the status of a channel, type SETCOM channel (eg: setcom quest).

DEATH  When a player is killed in battle, or otherwise runs out of
hitpoints, he or she is dead. Death is not permanent in Medievia, but it
does have consequences. After you die, you become an undead corpse, and
must find an altar to be brought back to life. Read HELP DEATH for more

CURSING  Cursing is not allowed in Medievia and may result in your
character being FROZEN or even removed from the game in extreme cases.

Help topics are in all capital letters. Refer to them for more detailed

See Also: NEWBIE