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Bashing is defined as malicious insults, demeaning comments, and other
derogatory language towards a player or clan. The punishment for partaking
in bashing is dependent on the situation it was used in and the type of
insults made. Judgement on bashing offenses is *completely* up to the
god's judgment. Being argumentative about a bashing punishment or
comparing it to other players will *not* be permitted since there is no
way players can know other people's history files, the logs from that
incident, and other factors leading to the god's decision. Gods are not
here to babysit people who just want to get someone frozen. See rule 5f
for more information.

Do NOT constantly bother, or harass, a player or god for ANY reason, this
includes spamming them on different channels, especially if they ask you
to stop, or talking about them in a demeaning manner. If you believe you
are being harassed by another player, please do not hesitate to talk to a
god. Many times, though, if you ignore the person harassing you, they will
stop when they find that they aren't getting a reaction out of you. Keep
this in mind before talking to a god about it. Harassment is a serious,
but touchy matter. The punishment will depend on the seriousness of the
matter. This may often be a 3 day freeze or worse.

If you are frozen for one of the above, do NOT log on another character
to cause problems or to argue the case further. This includes creating new
characters and praying about the case. Doing this could result in a freeze
of all your characters and possibly a site ban. Site banning will prevent
anyone from your Internet site from creating a new character. If you
believe what happened was truly wrong, feel free to e-mail or mudmail the
god who froze you. Most gods have addresses that are: <godname>
(ex: If you believe they were being unfair, you can
e-mail Before you e-mail Vryce, read Help DISCIPLINE
very carefully. He does not take kindly to e-mails that are not the full
truth and may make the punishment more harsh for that reason.

See Also: RULES