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Syntax: balance
        deposit <amount>
        deposit all
        withdraw <amount>
        withdraw all
        transfer <amount> <recipient>
        transfer all <recipient>

Banks are located in most major cities and other highly traveled places.
There is no limit to the amount of money you can have in your account.

For transfers, the recipient can be another player or clan. Transfer 50000
clan transfers 50000 gold from the player's account to their clan's account.
The minimum amount for a transfer is 50,000 gold.

Amounts in the thousands, millions, or billions can be abbreviated with k,
m, or b, as in the following examples:

        15000000 = 15m
        50000    = 50k
        900000   = 900k OR .9m
        1200000  = 1.2m

Members of a clan can use the following commands to manipulate their clan's
bank account.

Syntax: balance clan
        deposit clan <amount>
        deposit clan all
        withdraw clan <amount>
        transfer clan <amount> <recipient>

Clan bank accounts are completely separate from a player's own account.
Any member of a clan may deposit money into his or her own clan's account.
Only players with the withdraw clan privilege can withdraw money from the
clan account. Depositing clan all will deposit all the money that is on
the character into the clan account.