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Very simply put, these items hold things. If there is more than one
container in a player's inventory, getting items from them may seem
difficult, but it's not.

The syntax for looking in the second bag in the inventory would be:
     l in 2.bag    or for a third bag: l in 3.bag
The same type of command is used to get items from multiple bags:
     get potion 2.bag

Depending on the container, it may be: l in 2.jar, l in 2.pack, etc.

If there is a bag on the ground, it may prevent a player from getting
items from a bag in his or her inventory. The easiest way to deal
with a problem such as this is to move to another room to get something
from a bag, that is, if there is one on the ground. If no one is in the
room, sac the bag, though a player may wish to check if there is anything
inside of the bag first. If you decide to drop an empty bag, please
sac it so other players do not have difficulties.