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Baby faeclams are the size of a large house and can be found at the bottom
of the underocean attacking players who are on trading adventures down
there on the ocean floor. They are a MOBFACTION the DM creates.

- How many appear depends on how many players are nearby.
- They SCARE freight. The freight will not move until all nearby scary
  mobfactions have been defeated.
- They are all about the same difficulty, regardless of distance from
  Medievia City like many mobfactions.
- They appear around some freight and like Haunted Forests they slowly
  move towards it but rarely more than one per room.
- Roughly every 35 seconds they will suck in and kill all players within
  8 rooms above, but players on the seafloor with the faeclam will not be
  killed in this way. This means when it comes to baby faeclams players
  should use the DD command and stick to the bottom. Every 35 seconds or
  so there is a warning to players above about the faeclam opening and
  about to kill them. Players should UU to go up fast, or get out of the
  way in some direction so that none are below.
- When you kill them you gain fae so make sure to have a fae orb.