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Perks of being an avatar:

RESURRECTING NEW PLAYERS - When new players die, you can resurrect them,
but be sure not to overdo this. New players need to learn how to handle
death. You may also want to cast helpful spells on them, such as
sanctuary, bless, armor, and quickness.

CLANWHERE 50 - You can check where new players are, and see which avatars
have the NCL channel on, by typing CLANWHERE 50.

HAVEN -  Normally, players above level 26 can't get into Haven. Avatars
can get in by going through the Hall of the Avatars. (From Recall: east
south south up up.) This lets you see the donation room in Haven and get
to know the area well so you can give directions and help new players find
their way around Haven.

ZONE PARTIES - Zone parties are fun events put on by NPH gods to introduce
new players to a zone. Goodies are loaded onto mobs in a specific zone,
which new players can then kill and loot. NPH gods and avatars stay in the
zone to keep the new players alive, healed, and spelled up. See HELP
NPARTY and APARTY for more info.

See Also: AV_TRAIN