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New abilities:


These are the important help files you will need to read and understand.
Typing WIZHELP will let you see all the new commands available to you.

ACHANGES - Like the CHANGES command, lists changes pertaining to avatars.
Please make sure to keep up with the changes. It is also a good idea to
read through the previous changes.

ANAMES - This help file will show you the guidelines for what names are
acceptable and what names need to be badnamed. You should also be familiar
with the mortal help file HELP NAMES which new players are referred to.

APPROVE - The command used to approve a player's name. It is also used to
check who is online with an unapproved or badnamed name when typed by
itself. Please do not approve names until at least level 2. Level 1
characters will not save if they quit or disconnect.

AVAHISTORY - Lets avatars record warnings given to single class players so
gods can see that they have been warned in the past. This command is only
for use if there are no gods around to handle the problem. It is a
permanent warning, so be careful about using it. (Also AVATARHISTORY

AVDONATE - This will send an item to the donation room in Haven. Only
avatars can donate items to this room. Please do not donate things that
can be obtained easily, such as potions or wands that can be bought in
shops, balls of light, throwing knives, and items found in easy zones that
new players can run on their own. (Also AVATARDONATE see

AVLIST - Shows which gods and avatars are online and which channels they
have on.

AVLOG - Shows recent chatter on the avatar channel. To speak on the avatar
channel, type AV <message>. (Also AVATARLOG and SHOWAVATAR

BADNAME - Marks a player's name as unacceptable, along with the reason. A
badnamed name (or a name that isn't approved yet) will have a (*) in front
of it on the approve list and when they log on and talk on nclan. Be sure
to wait until at least level 4 before badnaming a name.

CLANWHERE 50 - This shows you where members of clan 50 are. Telling any
players where the members of clan 50 are will result in losing avatar

LAMELOG - Lets you see a single class players infractions, such as loot
and kill stealing, saccing a corpse that is not theirs, and mob
interference. HLAMELOG will show only the more serious infractions. Both
of these commands are not to be used out of curiosity. Using them without
a good reason may result in you losing avatar status.

NAMEHELP - Sends a pre-made telepath message from you to the new player,
explaining that their name is not acceptable and how they should go about
picking a new name. Only use this command; do not make something else up
to tell them. This was written carefully with input from many gods.

NCL - The command used to speak on clan 50's channel. It also toggles the
channel on and off by typing NCL ON or NCL OFF. Typing NCLLOG will let you
see the last 50 chats. (Also NCLANTALK

NTELL - This command toggles on and off the ability for you and a single
class player to use telepath outside of MedLink. (Also NEWTELL

PRAYLOG - Shows the last 50 prays by single class players. (Also

PTELL - The command used to respond to a prayer. Please use it the first
time you reply to a prayer to let other avatars and gods know that you are
taking care of it. After the first reply, use normal telepath. PTELL and
telepath are not the same thing, so PTELL will not set your RT (retell) to
that player.

RENAME - Changes the name of a player. If an approved player level 25 or
under asks for a new name, you can badname them with the reason
"requested" to change their name.

TOURGUIDE – Allows you to freeze the level of an alternate character in
order to lead low level characters on tours for xp, shipping, trading,
combing, etc. The alternate character must have your avatar character set
the lock on and off. TOURGUIDE START <text> will start a tour.  TOURGUIDE END
ends the tour. DO NOT stay in tourguide mode if you are not leading a tour.

See Also: AV_TRAIN