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Things you should not do:

- Do not approve the names of friends, bloodlines, clannies, or townies.
Ask someone else to help the person. If no one else is available, you've
researched it, and the name doesn't break any rules, you may approve it,
but please make certain it is a good name.

- As an avatar you should not make names you know are inappropriate or
unapprovable. Making life harder for a fellow avatar or forcing a god
to handle the names you create is considered un-avatarlike behavior. If
you would like to name your bloodline or new character something
questionable, please get prior permission on the name from an NPH

- Do not badname a name that has already been approved, unless you
recently (within 30 minutes) approved the name and realized you made
a mistake. Name approvals go by the rules in play when the character's
name was first being looked at. To badname a player who has had the name
since 1992 would be very unfair no matter their level and only gods can
see creation dates. Getting a name approved should not be a stressful
hassle for new players. If you see a name that you believe should not
have been approved, e-mail or mudmail Selthios explaining why.

- Do not AFK with the NCLAN channel on. If you are too busy or too spammed
to answer questions, turn the channel off. If new players see many avatars
on clan, they should be able to expect to get answers and not feel

- Do not write AFK messages that are inappropriate (but please do write a
message saying you are not available). You are a representative of
Medievia. New players may telepath you while you are AFK and they should
not see inappropriate messages. If you feel the need to have an
inappropriate AFK message, be sure that NTELL is turned off.

- Do not use the avatar channel for chatter or other gameplay
communication. Saying hello is fine, but it is important to keep the
avatar channel for business so it is easy to keep up with and see if an
avatar needs help. Because avatars are encouraged to keep this channel on
at all times, they should not have to be spammed by it. Asking avatars
for mob or equipment locations is not allowed on this channel.

- Do not argue over the avatar channel. Discussion of names is good, but
please respect all avatars and gods and their opinions. If an agreement
can't be reached, or it is taking too long, approve the name and e-mail
Selthios about it. If you are having a problem with an avatar or NPH please
act courteously and notify Selthios.

- Do not PK players under level 25. An avatar should be viewed as someone
kind and approachable who will help new players and make them feel welcome
in the game. As always, CPK is the exception, but an avatar needs to make
certain they didn't learn of the new player's position using their avatar

- Do not act disrespectfully, inappropriately, or sarcastically with new
players, other avatars, or on public channels. As an avatar you are held
to a higher standard because you represent the game.

- Do not refer to a new player as "it" or "newbie" on any channel. Either
refer to them by name or one of these terms: new player, he, she, them.

- Do not misuse your avatar abilities. This is not limited to but
certainly includes:
* Never give out any information you see as an avatar. If you think your
friend *has* to see this prayer, or clan talk, tell them to apply for
avatar. Sharing information seen as an avatar is illegal.
* If you wish to discuss things with a friend on a new player, this should
be done in link and not using the ntell or nclan ability as an avatar. (Do
not have conversations that you can only have with avatar abilities, like
nclan and ntell, if it benefits you. This means don't recruit players for
your clan, don't try to buy things off someone's storage character,
* Any use of avatar abilities to give you an upper hand over any other
player is illegal.

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