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Herobattles can be started automatically and will be announced on the HB
channel. To participate in automated herobattles, LINK and go one east
and one north. LOOK SIGN in that room for further instructions.

The mob in this room will accept the following commands:

CHALLENGE - request a battle. Your request shows on the HB channel.
WITHDRAW  - remove your existing challenge. Shows on the HB channel.
ASK       - learn your current points and rank.

You can NOT choose your opponent or your arena and only one herobattle
runs at a time.

The matchup will be chosen based on who among those making requests has
not herobattled in the longest time, and his or her closest point
neighbor. When the battle starts, existing requests are cleared. You must
make another request (challenge) after the battle is over to get a chance
to be in the next battle. The time from the first request to when the
matchup is set is 90 seconds.


Heroes Bob, Fred, and Jeff enter the room in MedLink. Bob types CHALLENGE
and his request appears on the HB channel. Fred does the same, then Jeff.
Bob last herobattled yesterday. Fred last herobattled an hour ago. Jeff
last herobattled three weeks ago.

90 seconds after the first request (Bob's), the matchup will be set
from all those who have made challenges. Since Jeff has not herobattled in
the longest time, he will fight whichever of Bob or Fred has the closest
point total to Jeff.

The rules for herobattles are the same as with god-run battles. You cannot
break any existing rules about cursing, bashing, etc. while in the arena.
Throwing (intentionally losing) the battle is always illegal. If you whisk
in the battle arena, you will automatically lose. If you lose link, you
are still attackable.