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MEDIEVIA IS the place to be!  MEDIEVIA has so many fun attractions that
you may never run out of things to do. There is something for everyone's
taste and new adventures you will not find at any other game. To help
you become acquainted with what MEDIEVIA has to offer, please read on.

Try your hand at a card game with friends, or try you luck at the
roulette table or slot machines. Signs are posted (type look sign) that
will instruct you on how to play the games. At the card tables, which
work like a real deck of cards, you can play most any card game.

There are many places in MEDIEVIA to meet new friends, socialize, share a
meal or a drink. A warning to the teetotalers, MEDIEVIA brews have been
known to affect your accuracy during a battle.

There are many ways to express yourself here. To get a list of social
commands, type "social."  You may want to print these and try each of them
out. To use these social commands, for example: type "smile <name>. You
would see yourself beaming a smile at that person. If there is not a
social that fits your needs, you can use "emote". To use the emote command,
type "emote smiles in your direction."  This would display "<your name>
smiles in your direction."--This command is very flexible and useful.

There are a variety of public channels in MEDIEVIA They
include: ask, chat, imm, quest and develop, and shout. To set your
channels on or off so you can read or not read what other players are
talking about, type "setcomm."

Telepaths, or "tells" are a private way to communicate with one other
player. To send a telepath, type "tell <name> <message>" . Be aware that
communicating by telepath will decrease your movement points (mvs) every
time you send a message. You can send a telepath to fellow members of your
clan from anywhere in the world, but to communicate with non-clannies, you
need to either be in MedLink or to be in possession of a special piece of
equipment that enables this kind of communication.

Another convenient feature of MEDIEVIA is an in-game postal system
that allows players to send messages and equipment back and forth for a nominal
fee of gold. Players can locate the nearest post office by typing "guide
post"-in Medievia City, Trellor, or any clantown.

Players can also send messages to each other in realtime when they are
unable to reach a post office by using the MESSAGE command, which will
spirit your note away via a postal service imp and deliver it to its
intended recipient.