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In order to shoot from ranged weapons, you must be in the back row of a
formation, and have the proper type of projectile. To tell if an item
is a projectile, look for MISSILE when you identify it, or just use
common sense. Projectiles must be matched to their weapons, e.g., bows
will shoot arrows, crossbows will shoot quarrels or bolts, spear guns
will shoot harpoons, and slings will use stones.

To use the projectiles, they must be loose in your inventory, or in a
special container designed to carry them, e.g., a quiver for arrows, or
a belt pouch for stones. These containers will show up on identify as
MISSILE CONTAINER You can be wearing the container or simply have it
in your inventory. The game will first search for a useable projectile
in your missile containers and then move on to your inventory. Using a
missile container lets you to fire faster.

The damage done by each shot from a ranged weapon is determined by the
total damage of the missile itself, the weapon's missile damage
modifier, and any "archery proficiency" equipment worn by the player. A
player's DAMROLL does not affect the damage done by missile weapons. A
player's cumulative HITROLL though does help determine whether the
missile weapon hits on each shot or not. The damage dice listed on a
missile weapon refers to the damage the player would do if they were
attempting to melee while the bow was equipped.