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Aquoderms are nasty giant sea worms that attack ships. Their strength is
based on their distance from the City of Medievia. They climb aboard all
at once and try to head below decks for some reason. Aquoderms are very
vocal and can call for help. If an aquoderm makes it up to the crow's nest
it will bellow out a call for help, and many more aquoderms may climb
aboard the ship. These beasts are very large. They unform players with
tail whips and bite attacks. When an aquoderm kills a player it becomes

Since aquoderms tend to try to head below, a common and smart tactic would
be to let them down and close the hatches, trapping them in. They do tend
to knock open a hatch on occasion. The main plan should always start with
not allowing one into your crow's nest.

When an aquoderm dies on the ship, Fae magic is collected. This mobfaction
also gives heropoints and gold when defeated.

Killing an aquoderm will usually produce an aquoderm's lung which is
needed to breath water under the ocean. These can be purchased at a few
shops for over a million gold as well.