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Please use the proper spelling to bring you to the correct help file.

Misspelling           Proper Spelling

Advesary              Adversary
Aquaderm              Aquoderm
Dispell Evil          Dispel Evil
Etheral/Etherial      Ethereal
Farie Fire/Farie Fog  Faerie Fire/Faerie Fog
Foudner               Founder (see also PRIMARY
Sea Griffon           Sea Griffin
Hellradier            Hellraider
Levetate              Levitate
Magic Missle          Magic Missile
Missle                Missile
Plauge                Plague
Polotics              Politics (also see PARTIES and VOTE
Promp/Promt           Prompt
Resurect              Resurrect (please also check help DEATH
Sense Presense        Sense Presence
Strenght              Strength
Theif                 Thief