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This is a sample application to assist applicants in knowing what kind of
zone proposal we are looking for. Please write your own application from
the HELP BUILD_APP file, not from the example questions in this file. The
other file is more detailed and frequently updated, and this one is not.

You do not need to have an application exactly like the one below. We approve
applications that are quite different from this one, as long as they show
creativity and potential. Plagiarism from this example proposal will instantly
disqualify your application.

Be sure to read the HELP BUILDING_TIPS file as well!

 1.) Are you at least 18 years of age or older?

     Yes. (you can also include your age or birthdate).

 2.) List your mortal name and levels achieved in Medievia. If you have
     more than one include them all.

     Fakename (124), Fakenametwo (52), Fakenamethree (12)

 3.) How long have you played Medievia?

     About a year and a half. (or "Since 1996," or whatever your answer)

 4.) What is your native language and what country do you currently reside
     in? What other languages can you speak fluently?

     The US, I speak English but took some Spanish in school. (or "Sweden,
     native language Swedish but I speak English fluently,"-etc.)

 5.) Provide a 2+ paragraph story that gives a good idea of your zone's
     theme and plot. It should resemble an announcement story.

     Queen Easoma of the Syrees paced the small balcony outside her bedroom
     in the eastern tower of the castle. Pale, silken curtains billowed
     from the doorway in the whipping wind, adding to the frenzied atmosphere.
     However, her daughter, Princess Eashila, sat calmly on a woven willow
     twig bench, gazing up at her mother. Only her eyes betrayed the troubled
     emotions she was feeling.

     "At this rate they will break through the gate before the week is
     out!"-exclaimed the queen.

     "Surely Captain Jeassa will be back with help before then; he has
     been gone for months, but...",-began Eashila. Her words were spoken
     with a steady will, but her mind was telling her otherwise. She broke
     off and gazed towards the windswept clouds.

     "If only the storm would come, perhaps that would slow them down,"
     sighed Easoma.

     A dull crash echoed up from the gate below. The Mogruks continued
     their determined assault upon the Syree kingdom.

 6.) Provide a brief walkthrough for your zone.

     My zone is an experience zone for the low 20 levels. It can be soloed
     by a level 25, but is really intended for small formations. The Syree
     people are a type of siren, and the females of the race can do damage
     with a screaming proc. However, there are not many Syrees in the
     kingdom as Queen Easoma sent away most of them either to hide or to
     find help. Only the castle staff remains behind, protected by an
     ever-weakening spell to hold the Mogruks out of the gates. When the
     player comes to the zone's entrance, there are several Mogruks (a
     race similar to orcs) trying to beat down the gate to the castle.
     They are normally aggressive, but too busy trying to break down the
     door to attack. If the player engages one of the Mogruks, the gate
     will swing open and a proc will announce the Mogruk army advancing
     into the kingdom. At this point Mogruks will load around the zone,
     and the player can XP on them.

     Gorvrakuk, the Mogruk captain, is too difficult for players to kill
     on their own, and they will need to avoid him if they happen upon him
     in the zone. He will appear in the castle after the player kills a
     certain number of mobs. If the player goes into the castle room with
     Gorvrakuk, the Syree Queen and Princess will scream, causing Gorvakuk
     to drop his weapon and allowing the player to kill him. He loads some
     decent eq for level 24 players. When Gorvakuk dies, the zone will not
     load any more mobs until players leave the zone, at which time the
     proc will reset itself.

     There are several other mobs in the zone with little stories behind them,
     like Iceena the Syree servant girl, whom you rescue from Mogruks in the
     kitchen pantry (she rewards you with a blue orb). There are also Daknuk
     and Nuglak, the comical Mogruks who attempt to guard the palace doors so
     that Gorvrakuk can kill the Queen and Princess.

 7.) List 3-5 of the main "characters" of your zone. These should be
     mobs that the player will interact with. What are their names?
     What are they like? What have they done, and what do they plan
     to do?

     -Easoma is queen of the Syree people. She  has a loud, high-pitched
      voice and is high-strung and demanding. She is a good person though,
      and wants the best for her kingdom.

     -Eashila is the daughter of the queen, and therefore a princess. She
      is in love with Jeassa, who is captain of the Syree army. She has a
      very calm disposition, and has been sullen and troubled ever since
      Jeassa left for help. She doesn't know that the Mogruks have tied him
      up in a hut just outside the city, having killed most of his army.
      The player can get a small reward from her by returning him to her.

     -Gorvrakuk is a large, violent Mogruk that wants to conquer and rule
      the Syree kingdom. He is tired of living in the swamps, and would
      rather take over someone else's land than build his own dwellings.
      He is impossible to kill without assistance from the queen and
      princess; their siren-like screams cause him to lose his senses,
      enabling the player to kill him.

 8.) Create 5 sample room descriptions.

     Queen Easoma's Bedroom
     Swaths of multi-colored, pale silks drip from the stone walls and
     ceiling of this lavishly decorated room. A perfectly circular bed
     rests in the center of the room, stacked with three downy feather
     mattresses. Comforters and cushions smother its surface in luxurious
     comfort. Wrought-copper doors stamped with leaf designs and set with
     colored glass swing open onto the balcony.

     The Balcony in the East Tower
     Immaculately carved stone forms an ornate balcony at the top of the
     eastern tower. The ruined gate below is plainly visible from this
     bird's-eye view. Slender stems and twigs of willow have been woven
     together to form a long bench, which rests against the northern wall.
     The railing is held up by stone columns, and has been embedded with
     shiny, pale gems.

     Outside the Gates to the Kingdom
     Tall stone walls end at a thick wooden gate. The wood itself is ebony,
     and seems to emanate a magical blue light. The air around it seems
     broken, and light passes through it strangely. A thick tangle of vines
     creep steadily up the stone with the help of brittle aerial roots. The
     ground in front of the strong doors has been ripped up and flattened into
     a muddy soup of grass, rocks, and soil.

     A Cobblestone Street Within the City
     Detailed stone masonry enforced with ebony wood pillars makes up the
     architecture of the petite houses lining the street. Quaint little windows
     have been set with rippling colored glass and hinged with ebony shutters.
     Cheerful blue daisies spread out in clumps next to the doorway of one
     house, and a row of small stones lines the walkway to another.

     Inside the Kitchen Pantry
     A thin ebony door encloses this dark stone pantry set back into the
     north wall of the kitchen. Dozens of granite shelves line the walls,
     and a few wooden crates have been stacked on the floor. Words like
     "Honey Mead" and "Cornmeal" have been stamped crudely on the wood
     panels of the crates. Stoneware pots and jars have been arranged along
     the shelves, each containing delicacies like fila-berry jam and dried
     lioki nuts.

 9.) A list of proc ideas (special procedures) if you have any. This is
     optional, and you are welcome to provide only one or two as a sample
     of your ideas.

     -The female Syree mobs have a damaging scream proc. If you attack them,
      they will use it on you. They also use it on the Mogruks that attack
      them. The only way to defeat the Mogruk captain is to get the Queen
      and Princess to scream while you attack him.

     -The gate to the zone is closed when you first arrive, and Mogruk mobs
      are attempting to open it. Once you attack a Mogruk, the gate will
      falter and open, and a proc text announces the Mogruk army rushing in
      to attack the kingdom. You can then enter the zone and Mogruk mobs
      will have loaded, which you can then kill.

     -If you encounter Gorvrakuk within the kingdom he is impossible to
      kill, and so players will need to avoid him since he is aggressive.
      Once the player has killed 50 Mogruks, Gorvrakuk will appear inside
      the Queen's bedroom. When you enter the bedroom the mobs will exchange
      some text about Gorvrakuk planning to kill the Queen and Princess,
      and the royalty wanting to stop him. Then the Queen and Princess will
      scream, causing Gorvrakuk to lose control of his senses and drop his
      weapon. At this point the players can attack and kill him, thus solving
      the zone.

10.) Level range (what level of player your zone is for).

     Levels 20-24

11.) Estimated number of rooms. We rarely allow zones above 300 rooms. A
     good range is somewhere between 150-250.

     Around 180

12.) Amount of time you plan to spend on your zone per week.

     5-20 hours, depending on my work schedule.

13.) List 5 or so (each) sample mob and object names. You don't have to
     write an entire mob or object's stats, just give examples of what
     they will be called.

     - a Mogruk soldier with a swollen belly
     - a sluggish, hairy Mogruk
     - Daknuk, a Mogruk guard
     - Nuglak, a Mogruk guard
     - an enormous Mogruk with yellowing teeth

     - a crude wooden club with sharpened bones jutting from the tip
     - an ornate hair comb carved from abalone shell
     - a rusty chest plate set with bone spikes
     - a heavy metal helmet with a row of bony spikes down the center
     - leather boots clasped with bone hooks

14.) Any past experience in building. (Most builders are hired with no
     previous experience, so don't feel under-qualified if you have none).

     I don't have any past zone building experience, although I did help
     with my clantown. (Or: I used to build for another mud, but it has
     since closed down. While I was there I created 2 zones).

15.) Describe your education to us. This may be high school, college,
     or your own personal studies. What subjects interest you the

     I am currently in my first year of college studying Psychology. I was
     in honors English throughout high school, and participated in a
     writing contest last spring. (Or: I did not finish High School and
     received my G.E.D., but I spend a lot of my time reading books and
     writing short stories, and feel I am an accomplished writer).

16.) 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you wish to build a zone for

     When I first started playing Medievia, I was amazed at the size of
     the game and how many different things there are to do here. I enjoyed
     visiting the different zones, and discovering that each one was unique
     with puzzles and challenging mobs. My hope is to contribute a zone to
     the game that is as enjoyable to new players as the existing zones
     have been for me. I spent a great deal of time graphing my zone on
     paper and ironing out the details before I sent my application, and
     I hope you find it satisfactory. Thank you for considering me!