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We, the staff, like to provide some fun ways to teach avatars about new
player zones and allow avatars to help each other to learn the zones. NPHs
will hold avatar zone parties. Most of these will be done in low-level
zones that have tricks to them. This could be as small of a trick as
finding the brownies in the Preserve. As with many aspects of Medievia,
these parties come with rules.

- If the zone has NPK do not PK other avatars during these parties. Doing
  so will not only be a quick way to lose your avatar flag, but it's also
  considered such unavatarlike behavior that you will not have a chance of
  being rehired in the future.
- As all avatar information is private, do not tell any nonavatars about
  the party; we do not need any party-crashers. If caught doing so, your
  avatar status will be suspended.
- Sometimes the NPH throwing the party will play small games. This might
  involve getting to a certain mob or room before others. Keep in mind
  that all other game rules still apply, such as lootstealing and killstealing
  rules. These parties and games are for us all to enjoy. Keep the
  competition friendly.
- Most of all, have fun and learn something new. If you know the zone, be
  sure to teach those who don't!

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