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Due to abusive players from your ISP, you cannot use chat or shout until
you're level 20. Additionally, if you use clantalk for clan 50, only avatars
and gods will hear you. Lastly, you cannot use say in Medlink.

You may apply to Soleil, Vryce, or Ozymandias for an exception to this ban.
To do so, send e-mail from your AOL account with the subject of BAN EXCEPTION.
Remember to include the name of your character.

If you are affected by this ban you will see the above text anytime you try
to shout, chat or use say in Medlink. This is not a reflection on you as
an individual player, but is based on numerous and continuous problems that
we had with abusive players hiding behind the rolling ip practices of AOL
Because of this, all players that use AOL servers now have to deal with this
restriction until they apply for an exception. As listed in the message, you
can do this by sending an e-mail to Soleil, Vryce or Ozymandias at their
respective addresses. Make sure you send it from your own AOL
account and that you list all of the character names that should be affected
by the exception.