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Similar to the NAMES help file, this gives a little more information in some
areas and less in others. It is important to be familiar with both help files
before dealing with naming issues.

Approving names is NOT that hard to do. It is NOT your primary job as an
avatar. Please keep in mind the objective of name approval isn't if you like a
name, but whether or not it is obviously a bad name like "Supertaco" or
"Biteme". These naming rules have been established to serve as a guideline.
They will not cover every possible situation but they will cover the
majority. For those names that are not clearly against the guidelines, common
sense will serve as the guide.

The intent of the naming process is to get new players into the game as quickly
and painlessly as possible while still maintaining a medieval atmosphere. The
naming rules are not meant to provide a method for denying names because of
personal like or dislike.

Because the naming process is a subjective, there will be disagreements. Do not
take the disagreements personally. While disagreeing is fine, please do so in
a constructive, respectful manner. If a name is approved or denied that you
feel strongly should not have been, e-mail Selthios with both the name and
the reason for your opinion.

Because everyone's knowledge is limited, all names are to be researched with
the following methods.

1) Using the CHECK command to verify the forward and backwards spelling of
   the name.

   *Note: The CHECK command will tell you that a name is in use if you are
   using it on the character's current name. It is normal since the player is
   using it.

2) A search engine such as <>.

   a) An online dictionary such as <> or
      <> depending upon the results of the
      search engine.

Name types not to approve:

1) Names that distract from the medieval theme of the game. These are a select
   few names that remind players of either the real world or areas of the game
   world. Names should also be free from most hidden meanings when sounded
   out. Keep in mind that some names might be okay if said hidden meanings are
   actually meaningless or nonoffensive or coincidental or gibberish.

2) Modern, historical, or fictional names on the same fame level as Jesus,
   Merlin, Santa, and Gandalf. If the name sounds fairly medieval, it's OK if
   it is a very minor character. Avoid the NAME of a well-known book, movie or
   animated series. Essentially, do not allow names to distract other players.

   Again, the characters in the series are OK unless they are as famous as
   the above mentioned names. These are words that majority of our player
   base would recognize. In cases of a series that is huge in pop culture
   like Pokemon, Harry Potter, Transformers, superheroes of any kind,
   or Star Wars, the character names should not be approved.

3) Words from the dictionary written forward or backward, regardless of how
   minor they seem. If it is in the dictionary ( is a fairly reliable
   source) then do not approve it.

4) A player's name backward.
   *** Note *** If the backward name is a level 20 or under character that
   has not logged on for more than a year, an exception can be made.

5) Minor misspellings of unacceptable words. This includes spellings that look
   like or sound like unacceptable words. The key word here is *unacceptable.*
   Just because a name sounds like *a* word does not mean it's a bad name.
   We are here to GET PEOPLE PLAYING, not to chase them away. Phukke is a bad
   misspelling. Bayta (even though it sounds like the word "beta") is not.

6) Compound names will always be a grey area. With these names, look to
   see if the name fits together well and still sounds medieval or tribal.
   Common sense dictates that names containing modern terms like Car,
   Truck or Movie shouldn't be approved. With names that contain colors,
   only basic colors should be used.

   Examples of good colors: Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Blue
   Examples of bad colors: Magenta, Cyan, Rainbow, Chartreuse

   If the name contains an animal, please be sure it seems like a basic,
   tribal animal.

   Examples of good animals: Bear, Wolf, Fox, Eagle, Horse
   Examples of bad animals: Hampster, Porcupine, Hedgehog, Beaver

   If you are unsure about a compound name, inform the player that the
   name they are requesting requires consideration and approval from
   Selthios or Vryce, which might take a day or two. If the player is
   willing to wait, please e-mail or mudmail Selthios with the player's name
   and request. If the name is approvable, it will be approved; if not,
   the player will receive an e-mail or mudmail with an explanation.

   Object and mob names that exist in Medievia or sound strikingly similar
   to such names, or are such names backward, should not be approved. This
   is mainly to prevent people from using Medievia-specific names like
   Bloodstone or Firediamond, but it also applies if the name is exactly
   the same as any item or mob, like Wildhorse (there is a mob "a wild
   horse")-or Dragonbrain (there is an object "a dragon brain").-However,
   if there is an object "a blooming, ivory lilly," then Whitelilly would
   be OK. This is mainly for common mobs and objects, because we don't
   expect everyone to know every mob and object in the game.

7) Names with the following words in it (compound names) should not be
   approved unless the word does not appear to be used as a title: man,
   boy, woman, girl, lady, sir, gal, guy, friend, fiend, knight, baron,
   general, lord, prince, princess, king, queen, marquesse, marquise,
   earl, count, countess, squire... you get the idea.

   Examples of good usage: Droman, Calison, Siriana, Antansir
   Examples of bad usage: Batboy, Sirisaac, Newguy, Dragonlady

8) Names with general religious words (objects or creatures) in them should not
   be approved. Examples of such words are angel, devil, crucifix, etc.

9) Names similar to a current or former god's name by 5 or fewer letters
   if the god doesn't approve of it. Names with a current or former god's
   full name inside of it unless the god *and* his/her manager approves of it.
   Names that are similar to a current avatar's name by 3 or fewer letters
   unless the name begins with another letter (unless it is K for C or vice
   versa and in cases where they sound the same, Z for S and vice versa). If
   the name is within this number of letters but will NOT cause confusion, it
   is generally approvable. A name that was approved prior the god or avatar
   being hired is acceptable and should not be badnamed.

   *Do NOT deny names for being similar to a regular player's name. If a
   name is obviously making fun of another player you can deny it but you
   must send an e-mail to Selthios saying you did so and why. If there is
   another reason to dispute the similarity of a name to another player,
   have the complaining player e-mail Selthios. Note that few of these people
   will be renamed and you should warn them of this beforehand. If the name
   is similar to a god's name by 5 or less letters, or it has a full god
   name in it then it can be denied, but does not have to be if the god
   approves of it.

   We have this rule to avoid confusion between a god or avatar and a
   regular player with a similar name. If the name is close, but no
   reasonable person could confuse it for a mistaken identity, the name is
   fine. Ashaz or Zukaha are fewer than 5 letters different from Zuasha,
   but no one would look at those names and think the person was the god
   Zuasha. Only obviously confusable names, like Zuashie or Suasha, should
   be denied.

10) Names that are completely unpronounceable and do not look like a name
   should be denied. This is mostly in the case of someone who pounded a
   bunch of random keys on the keyboard when they logged in... as in someone
   named "Hjkhkfhdf" or "Rqwqwqwqw". Consonant-heavy names that look like
   the person planned for it to be a name might be OK. Names that use only
   "y" as a vowel are OK. If a name has 3 or more of the same consonant in
   a row you can deny it (such as Zzzag or Gussstaf) at your discretion. Some
   names with 3 in a row are fine. Pronounceable gibberish names such as
   "Xyzyx" are OK and should be approved. But if the name is long and
   takes more than a minute or so to figure out how to pronounce, it should
   be denied; names should read easily.

11) Names with "stor" or "storage" or similar obvious labels in them that
   the character is a storage character. ALL characters need actual names,
   and we will not take the risk that a hero will be running around someday
   with a name like Mystuff or Justorage. However, similar to rule 7, if the
   use of "stor" appears to be a part of a legitimate name, it should be
   approved if the name is otherwise approvable.

12) Compound names that remind players of the real world, the game world or
   that use same word twice. The majority of compound names will be approvable
   but a few will require the use of common sense and good judgment. Not every
   name that looks like a compound actually is, however, as most words can be
   broken down into smaller parts. It is the meaning behind each of the words
   that require a bit of thought. If in doubt, feel free to ask both other
   avatars and gods for opinions. Examples of bad compound names are
   Dragonhunter, Assassinkiller and JoeBlow. A few acceptable names would be
   Clearwind and Nightbay.

   Because this rule can be confusing: watch out for names that sound like
   they could be objects or mobs in Medievia. Don't approve object-like
   names like Silverblade or Giantsword, or mob-like names like Sleekninja
   or Brightlord, or real animals like Chickenhawk, not even backward.
   Keep in mind that just because something isn't a mob or object now, we
   are writing new zones all the time, and someday it may be. Best not to
   approve it if it sounds like it could be a Medievia-specifc mob
   or object.

   It's also important not to approve names that are in no way medieval in
   flavor and tone. Brighteyes, Happyfeet, etc., are not approvable.

   Try to be aware of movies and books with medieval themes, and when
   using Google to search for a name, try splitting it up if it looks like a
   compound of two or more words. Players will always try to use names
   from popular culture, and we need to filter these out as much as possible.

   Think things through. Always use Google. If you are in doubt about a
   name, ask on the avatar channel. If no one responds, approve the
   name "  " yes, approve the name! "  " then e-mail to
   have her follow up if necessary. However, if the name in question is a
   compound name, do not approve the name first; instead, e-mail Selthios
   for approval. The important thing is for the player to PLAY!

Do not approve the names of players that you know.

Remember approving names is a constant duty for all gods and avatars. It
is also a judgment call. If you are not comfortable at first with
approving names, ask opinions. Within a few approves and name changes you
should be much more comfortable with it.

We are NOT looking for a reason to badname. We are looking for a reason to
APPROVE Your objective is to APPROVE NAMES not to badname them! If a
player has an unapprovable name that would become approvable with a simple
change or tweak, telepath the player with the suggested tweaked name
(after using NAMEHELP of course). Please note that changing or adding one
letter might not be enough for certain names: Changing "Cancer" to
"Caancer" does not make it approvable, but perhaps "Canrcer" would be OK.
Do not let the word sound just like the word it is mimicking.

If a name is DEFINITELY not approvable, BADNAME it before suggesting
another name.

If you badname someone, you MUST notify them using the NAMEHELP command.
Do not use a telepath that you make up. The NAMEHELP command sends a
specific message to the player that will be missed if some other method is
used. When helping a player find a new name be sure to guide them toward
the WHO command. It will give them an idea of the type of names we are
allowing. You can also refer them to the preapproved list using the NAMES

Please keep in mind that picking a name is not always easy for new players,
they wish to find things that are more meaningful to them. They are the ones
that will have to live with the name that they choose so it is a big deal to
them. If the name will not take the attention from the fantasy aspect of the
game from other players, then chances are it is just fine. Again if you do not
agree with a name that was approved or one that was badnamed please speak with
Selthios about it.

Updated 05/05/09