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Medievia is in ALPHA mode of development. We have stayed open 24/7 since
1992 and this often requires us to take a step back to BETA mode or ALPHA

In BETA mode we make massive changes while doing all that we can to stay
stable and balanced in all ways. We guarantee nothing but we try our best.

In ALPHA mode we try to make even larger changes and try to get them done
as fast as possible. We do not spend an 'unproductive amount of time'
trying to stay as stable and as balanced as usual.

This is rarely needed. Just two times in 17 years now. When we reach a
point where the changes are just to massive to be delicate about, we
switch to this mode.

If you decide to play Medievia during ALPHA mode we simply ask that you do
not complain about any frustrations on any public channel.

We also simply ask that you help us test new features and report any
problems, as well as send in any good ideas etc about said changes.

You are a not a player of Medievia during this time. You are a play

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