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Alignment refers to the general moral status of both corporal and
inanimate matter. You have an alignment, monsters have an alignment, and
many items in Medievia also have an alignment. Alignment is a continuum,
running from pure goodness(+1000) to pure evil,(-1000), with pure
neutrality lying in the middle (0).

A character's alignment will change to reflect the types of activities he
engages in. A character who spends most of his time killing janitors and poor
innocent souls with a good alignment will slowly become evil. However, a
character spending the bulk of his time battling wraiths, evil and
malevolent creatures will slowly become good. Similarly, one who divides
their time more or less equally between these two types of behavior will
remain neutral.

Since many magical items in Medievia also have an alignment, you will only be
able to use those items which are aligned closely to yourself. In other words,
an evil character will not be able to use a good item, and a good character
will not be able to use an evil item. Items in Medievia of this nature are
referred to as anti-evil, and anti-good respectively. Often a neutral
character will be able to use both of these types of equipment, however
there are some items which are so strongly aligned that they attain an
anti-good/anti-neutral or an anti-evil/anti-neutral rating. If you are
equipped with an anti-good item, and continue to perform acts of a good
nature, you may be "ZAPPED" by that item, and forced to drop it. It is a
good idea, therefore, to keep an eye on your alignment, lest you lose your
sword during a fight.