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   alias [shortcut name] [command or commands to be performed]
   unalias [shortcut name] - deletes the alias
   clearalias              - deletes all your in-game  aliases

An ALIAS is basically a shortcut for a command or string of
commands. ALIASES are available both directly on your Medievia
character and through certain MUD clients. To use the Medievia
alias function, you would type (for example!) "alias x telepath
zuasha You rock!"-Then, every time you typed "x"-by itself and
hit enter, Medievia would read that as the command string
"telepath zuasha You rock!" To delete that alias, you would
type "unalias x" - but why would you ever want to get rid of THAT
alias, right?

If you're ready to get crazy with aliases, you can use the
variable "%0" to make an alias that will work on a target. This is
useful for spells that may take a few words to cast, like "DISPEL-
MAGIC"---for this one, you might "alias dis cast dispel magic %0"-
- see? Then instead of typing "cast dispel magic zuasha" you
would only need to type in "dis zuasha" to have the same effect.

Want to get even more out of the box? You may use one alias to do
a number of commands. In order to separate the commands, you would
use a semicolon ";" between each command. Example: "alias spellup
c detect invisibility; c detect good; c detect evil"-and so on.
Your MUD *client* might not let you input the semicolon by itself.
In that case, you may need to use either a tilda "~" or a "\"
before the semicolon, depending on your client.

You may also give an alias numerical argument specifiers. These
specifiers are %1, %2, ..., %9. The numbers indicate which
argument you wish to get expanded in the alias at that point. An
argument is any non space characters in sequence. Arguments are
separated by one or more spaces. Example: "alias ga get all.%1
%2.corpse"-would allow this command "ga orb 3"-to do this action:
get all.orb 3.corpse. Beautiful, isn't it?

Typing "alias" by itself will show you your list of current
aliases in the game for that character. The limit for aliases on
your Medievia character is twenty (20) aliases. You are allowed
many, many more on most MUD clients. The command "clearalias" will
allow you to delete all of your aliases at once.

Support questions relating to MUD clients should be directed to
Selthios or Calrog. Their e-mail addresses are