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    advstats              - shows your Adversary statistics
    advstats <playername> - shows that player's Adversary statistics.
                            Playername can be a 'real' or Adversary name.

By using the ADVSTATS command, you can see your current Adversary statistics.
These are slightly different for Adversary characters and "Real" characters.
In both cases, you'll see the number of times the character has played (each
life counts as a time), the number of kills, the number of deaths, the highest
level attained, and the average level attained. In the case of "Real"
characters, these stats are the sum of those of all the characters they've
played in Adversary. Because Adversary start level varies, the highest level
and average level are offset to account for the starting level. If the start
level for a certain character was 5, and you reached level 9, you will be
credited with 4 levels.