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The following is a list of common acronyms and abbreviations used by
players on Medievia that might be confusing to new players, as most are unique
to this world.

auc - AUCTION a system for selling items.
caster - A CLERIC or a MAGE as they are able to CAST spells.
charmies - CHARMED mobs under your control.
fs - The spell FIRESHIELD
god heal/sanc/quick/etc - Some objects cast spells on players that are
        more powerful than any spell available to mortals. These are
        usually called 'god (spell)'.
hmtnl - How many/much till next level, usually asked in relation to
        EXPERIENCE or MLRs (Multi-Level Requirements).
iaw  - In another window
imm  - Immortal, a channel accessible to hero's and gods
imp  - Send a MESSAGE to a player.
link - Refers to MEDLINK It is also the command you use to go to Medlink.
log/logged/logging - Logging on or off the game, or the act of recording
                     text from the game.
med - Medievia, or Medievia City, saying "I-am in Med" usually refers to
      Medievia City, not the game as a whole.
nm  - Nevermind
omw/otw - On my way / on the way.
port - The spell TELEPORT
pracs - Practices, which are used to learn skills. See Help PRACTICE
quaff out  - QUAFF a menthol potion, which causes you to TELEPORT
room spell - Any spell that hits every mob in the room.
             Examples are: "ACID BLAST" TREMOR and "CHAIN LIGHTNING"
rq - Real quick
sanc - The spell SANCTUARY
single/double/triple/quad - Refers to the current MULTICLASS status of a
spell up - To CAST all necessary protection and beneficial SPELLS
           necessary for your task, usually done by a client script or an
staff - When used as a verb, it means to use your STAFF usually meant for
        staves that cast a HEAL spell.
tank  - Refers to a character who stays in the front line and takes
        damage, usually a WARRIOR or THIEF but can be applied to any
        character in the front row of a FORMATION who sustains damage.
trans - The spell TRANSPORT
word  - The spell "WORD OF RECALL"
xheal - Cross HEAL directing people to heal each other rather than
        themselves only as healing others is more effective than healing

Help topics are all capitalized. Be sure to read the related topics for
more information. Thank you to Sedrith and the other avatars who contributed to
this list of common acronyms.

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