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Abodes are bloodline houses created and designed by players. There will be
13 types listed here from small to large:

Beautiful Villa
Summer House

Note that we are still deciding if we will have underocean abodes, Sea
Castle, Sea Palace, etc.

The bloodlines ranking as shown in GAMEINFO BLOODLINES determines which
types are available for each bloodline. Only the most active bloodlines
can build a castle or a citadel though each can decide to build a smaller
abode if they wish. This bloodline ranking will soon be reset and changes
slightly so that the most currently active bloodlines are ranked highest.
Each type will have a limit as to the number of rooms.


Each type of abode will have many preset rooms to select from, bedrooms,
halls, etc. Players can submit new room text for a new room type which is
then edited and or approved by gods, afterwards available for all
bloodlines to use. There is no CUSTOM text for a room only used by that
bloodline, it is all cookie cutter and shared and nothing custom will be
allowed, no clan or player references etc, just generic descriptions for
rooms. For instance a hall room in a castle would look much different from
a Summer House. The summer house may have 2-3 hall room types to choose
from where a castle may have a dozen. If you think of a new description
you want you simply make it and submit it and if approved it becomes
available for all abodes of that type.

So as you can see the bloodline creates the layout but not any custom text
just for them. They say create a hall to the north and then pick from that
abodes hall types available. You can delete a room as well, which also
cost gold, but only if the room has just one link to it, which means you
cannot leave an area 'unattached' to the front door.

The larger the abode the more gold it takes to build and maintain. It will
cost a lot of gold and fae to initially build each room, then less monthly
for the workers that live there to maintain it, overall abodes will be one
of our larger gold sinks.

When you first built your abode you select the open unclaimed area and
select the type then claim the land. You then have 24 hours to get
materials there. This will mean getting a wagon train together and buying
supplies and getting the supplies to the area. This will also be how they
are broken down and moved, via wagon trains that worker gangs will attack.
Towns will soon work this way as well. Note that the upcoming player
businesses and the abodes must be created on unclaimed land which means no
town claimed it, no business, and no abode. Right now there is just

Room types will include ATM slotmachines, fountains, etc, whatever makes
sense and is fun.

Note that abodes will not be able to be places very close to any PK zone


The bloodlines must hire workers to run their abode. A Cottage may need
just one family of workers to run it where a Fort may require a dozen or
more. This costs steady gold that must be paid via a BLOODLINE command
into the abode account which may never run dry. If this happens the
workers quit and the abode is flagged as 'abandoned' and cannot be used.

These workers literally live in the abode and raise their families their.
The bedrooms you make are usually not for players, they are for the worker
families who work for the abode. Each type of abode will have requirements
for bedrooms, kitchen, baths, etc, the larger the abode the more will be
required for the workers to live in. You will see them going about doing
their things day and night, eating, sleeping, having kids, playing,
teaching, etc. They get married, get killed and talk about it all all the
time. The upcoming worker conversation module will be a big part of what
will make Medievia famous as they talk about players and stuff happening
around them.


The bloodlines elected leader controls everything, literally. They pick an
unclaimed area to place it. They also can teraform the land around the
bloodline. The larger the abode type the more land they control. They can
decide where there are trees, roads, swamps, whatever, etc, just like
towns do now. Town teraforming, abode teraforming, and player businesses
will fill in and repaint the look and feel of the wilderness. It won't be
so wild anymore. When you mix in the upcoming Kingdoms module the whole
wilderness will be filled with a living breathing civilization. Castles
will have massive areas that can be landscaped ( 30-50 radius ) while a
Summer House will have just a few rooms. Note that if you string many
large abodes together and they all get together and make roads and string
them together a whole new trade route can be opened up. The land itself
can be destroyed and it will cost gold for the hired workers to go out and
repair it. Seaslugs will do the most damage.


Why do you want an abode?

The closer you are to your abode the more stats you get, Experience, EQ
points, nearly everything but gold and fae increases if you are close to
your bloodline. Healing will heal more near your abode, but not in CPK
This means more hero points, dragon points, etc, all but gold and fae is
increased if you are close to your abode.

There will be a GOABODE command just like GOHOME Note that homes and
abodes are different things.

There will be player rooms available where the room is owned by a player.
I do not expect many players to have their own room, just the best players
in the bloodline. I imagine this will be bedroom types, studies,
libraries, and other ideas we come up with that make sense for a player to
own that fits with the abode type.

These player room types will allow for player collection lockers. These
collection lockers are type based. You can create a flower collection
locker and only one type of each flower can be placed into it, same for
swords, quills, and all other types of stuff people collect. These
collections will be ranked so all will see who has the best collections
for each type. There is no reward for this except a medal sometimes if you
get into the top 10 in any collection.


Mobfactions, war, seaslugs, etc, will damage the abode and land around it.
This will cost gold and fae to fix when it happens. Damaged bloodlines
give no perks and GO ABODE will not work until repaired.


Worker gangs may sometimes attack your abode, kill workers, rob the
bloodline gold account, etc. The bloodline will be notified when this


The elected leader can decide if the door is locked or not. This will not
affect attacks at all. It will affect if non-bloodline players can enter
the abode. This will often be the case and I expect most abodes to be
unlocked, mostly so anyone can get in and help stop attacks, see peoples
lockers, whatever. This may be a combination lock or open to all. If it is
a combination lock the elected leader may change the combination at
anytime and non-bloodline people will have to know the combination to get
in through the door.

Note that when Kingdoms come and players are invading the area, they will
not need the combination to break into the abode.


Abodes and towns will soon be able to hire workers to dig and maintain
tunnels under the structure and out which become a part of the upcoming
'Underworld' part of Medievia.


Storage rooms are like giant lockers with a log of who put what in and who
took what out and when. This will allow the abode to easily share stuff.
This stuff can be stolen by invading players once kingdoms start, as well
as gold from the account. Note also that collection lockers will probably
be safe, we will see what we decide later on this.


I would like for these to be available as a room type but it may need to
wait for a bulletin board module update.


The largest types will be shown on the new survey module coming which
replaces the current survey. This module shows new stuff as they appear as
you move automatically. When the leader of a form moves, once per minute
the game will look for the next highest ranked survey nearby that has not
been shown yet and show it to the leader and all followers. This means as
you trade down the road you automagically see stuff, 'The castle medievia
can be seen in the distance to the north'. The faster you move then the
less you see because of the once per minute limit. If you move slowly in
an area after a while you will automatically be informed of smaller and
smaller stuff nearby. This new survey module will increase the immersion
in the game you feel. It will also make it easier to use the survey
command to see what you want how you want it where now it is a bit of a
messy look and feel.


Abodes will have their own faeorb just like towns for fae sharing,
complete with logs.


Kingdoms will be worker run. The king and queen will be workers, etc.
Players will affect kingdoms in many ways including invading and stuff. I
mention kingdoms here because abodes will greatly affect kingdoms, the
larger ones anyway. Kingdom taxes will be due and the larger abodes will
be able to enter the local Kingdom castle and do stuff. You may wake up
and enter the game to find out your bloodline, town, or player business is
now in another kingdom as over night the border moved. You may be at war,
you may not.


The Dungeon Master will track abodes HAPPY SAD PRIDE FEAR just like it
does for formations and ships. It will sometimes decide to 'make stuff
happen' as that is all it really does. It may send help to defend or it
may attack. It will as always just make sure things sometimes get


Abodes will allow bloodlines to work together much easier, share stuff
easier, live together, and often they will mean the bloodline gets
together to do stuff, defend the abode, built it, etc. They will make
bloodlines closer and more family like as you literally live together.